Are you Driven to Feel More, Live More, Give More, Be More? Desire to be seen and heard for who you know you are? Want to Express more? Be even more Creative? Have a Lust for life, Singing & Music?

Then Join us for a Special 1 day “Wake Up & Sing Now” workshop.

Sunday June 5 from 9:30am – 5pm

The Lions Club 

103 Bonnet Ave. Salt Spring Island
$100 at the Door. For $79 Advanced Booking

What you will learn:

• Where your voice comes from and how to connect to that
• Why singing is natural and will give you amazing energy
• To get over the fear of being heard and performing
• How to write a song
• The world of The Living Archetypes – how to access them and use them to support your life
• Have fun with your voice and with Jamming
• How the sound of your voice can heal you
• How to connect with your emotional energy

“You will not believe the rush you will experience when your real voice breaks through. 
Edwin Coppard is a master at bringing out the natural voice in anyone” 
Anthony Robbins


• A voice that will not quit and will not go horse
• A voice that can sing and speak with more power and beauty including increased range, tone, emotion, clarity and much more …..
• Confidence to sing/speak the truth and have your message be heard
• Clarity through meaning based communication
• Freedom to express your emotions
• More fun and laughter in your life
• More creativity
• An Archetypal team that will support your life and your music
• A tribal experience of singing and making sound together and the shear power and connection that will bring to you



  • Imagine finding your stories, your music thats hidden inside yourself.
  • Imagine reaching inside and writing a song straight from your soul.
  • Imagine finding the strong, powerful, beautiful natural voice you were born with.
In this 1 day workshop You will have an incredible transformation with your natural voice. 

A Breakthrough is imminent!


We literally have 1000’s of testimonials just like these

I’ve come from a place of having spent the last four or five years doing a lot of self-development work, and I’ve seen some of the best speakers and some of the best facilitators in the world. I have to say that this work that I’m doing here is, no question, the deepest, most profound, and the most transformational. In such a short space of time, and I feel it’s so sustainable as well. That’s the beauty of it, that it is sustainable, this work – in the healing, in the processes that happen here. All I can say is that what the process does fundamentally is connect us back to who we truly are – and the way in which it does that is through the voice. Through the power of the voice. ~ Jim Ross, USA

This experience took me on a journey through creative passages I had never explored, not believed existed – as well as emotional revelations that now have found their home inside me. Even I do not know the full benefits of these experiences as they unfold in the days and weeks to come. All I can say is that it was the most awesome experience of my life! ~ Marianna Cimino, USA

In all the courses I’ve completed and of all the time spent in my pursuit for these answers, let me tell you the fastest, most significant way to get to that place that’s missing and then realize what needs to be done – whatever that may be- is to complete a week long course with Edwin Coppard! ~ Peter Bond, Australia

I waited a couple of weeks to write a testimonial because I felt that I had experienced shifts that were profound. I wanted to know how alive they were after the initial “high” of the experience passed. I have been attending many personal growth programs for over 26 years. All of them are wonderful, and with most, I have had experiences that are more of a subtle awareness shift. YOUR PROGRAM is different. It lasted! The results have stayed! ~ Susan Audibert, USA

Edwin is the rarest of all business strategists and personal development advisors – he has unique methods that massively increase your performance in all areas of your life both professionally and personally. Edwin is a true master – I should know – he mentors me!” ~ Darren J. Stephens, Australia

I thought I came for a happy, happy, joy, joy songwriting course. What I found was a journey of healing so deeply moving my core shifted. The group of souls allowed me to express myself in ways I thought buried and forgotten. Deep longing and sadness surfaced and changed, making room for waves of songs and peace. ~ Susan Lumb – Canada

“How is God doing? I almost forgot”, the 5-year old asked the baby. In this workshop I started to remember. Like a volcano before the eruption, layers and layers of stuff loosened up around me, and then I uncovered that space in myself I have been searching for such a long time, I really wasn’t sure it still existed. In the old cryptic language of English, this is the most meaningful workshop I have ever done – through sound I found my soul and she is alive and well! ~ Niedra Gabriel, USA

I have had a really awesome experience! I’ve had many changes for the better. These five days have had less to do with my learning how to sing and more to do with finding my inner voice and finding out how to express that. The experiences create so much relaxation in my body that sound and song flow out easily. I’m working on my third song in two days. it is obvious to me that everything I have created could not have been duplicated in any other atmosphere.‘Smiles’ Smith, USA

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for your participation in our Mastery program. You added so much knowledge, value and fun. I’ve heard so many comments on how great the mornings’ sessions were, and how much the group enjoyed learning about their voices, their bodies and singing. The difference between the group’s sound the first morning and the last was incredible! ~ Anthony Robbins, USA

How do you do it? How do you take a group of strangers and within days, even hours, open their eyes and ears to potentials they never knew they had? This has been absolutely amazing and completely cool.Patrick Thrift, Canada

Join us for a Special 1 day “Wake Up & Sing Now” workshop.

Sunday April 24th from 9:30am – 5pm
Mahon Hall 114 Rainbow Rd. Salt Spring Island

$100 at the Door. For $79 Advanced Booking