Are you Driven to Feel More, Live More, Give More, Be More? Desire to be seen and heard for who you know you are? Want to Express more? Be even more Creative? Have a Lust for life, Singing & Music?

Then Join us for a Special 4 day “Wake Up & Sing Now” workshop.

June 23-26, 2016 Salt Spring Island (B.C. Canada)

August 18-21, 2016 Salt Spring Island (B.C. Canada)

Does it sometimes feel like you’re not really in touch with your deepest Self? Like it’s hard to truly connect & stop the endless mind-chatter.

Does it seem as though there is a lack of true listening? Of real personal attention in this fast paced digital age, the harder you try the less you get heard?

Have you gained a wealth of knowledge & wisdom but somehow the important things in life are still passing you by? 

Do you maybe attend seminars, read a myriad of books, articles, watch videos & browse the internet? Have you gained lots of insights & knowledge?

Have you applied any of it?

Be honest with yourself, has it given you what you are looking for? Has it resulted in the true transformation that you so deeply desire? Did it silence the Voice in your Head?

Reflect on that for a moment …

Has it?

These moments of inner reflection can be challenging, especially when you have tried lots of things that didn’t give you what you’d hoped for.

It Doesn’t have to be that way! We have a different approach that has proven to work for 1000’s of people Just Like you!

We offer something that will genuinely transform your life into the Masterpiece that it’s meant to be, a true transformation.

“… You will discover your Archetypes the most powerful tool to deeply connect with your deepest Self.”

Cheryl Coppard’s (Edwin’s Wife) Story:

I come from a family where the phrase “Children should be seen and not heard” was quoted often. By a very young age, I had learned to suppress my voice and my emotions so well that it seemed natural, yet at the same time there was always a pressure inside that went with it.

At the time, I didn’t put it together. That’s who I thought I was. I was someone who always had this pressure of sorrow and longing. I didn’t realize until I was an adult that it was this single habit of unconscious suppression that had created that pressure of sorrow and longing in the first place, and that it was the single most destructive thing to my daily happiness and joy of living.

Still, our family was very musical and we all grew up playing an instrument. I always could sing, but my voice was weak and thin, and my throat always became sore after singing for awhile.

Edwin and I have been working together now for over 30 years, and in the beginning I was his worst student! It has been an amazing journey freeing the torrent of suppressed energy, sound, and emotion through the graceful power of sound, song and music.

My life has been immeasurably strengthened and enriched. The natural power, beauty, and uniqueness of my authentic voice has been a revelation that has positively impacted all areas of my life – self-confidence, self-acceptance, and creativity, to name a few. I can now sing, and sing my own songs!

~ Cheryl

How do you get in touch with your deepest truth? We all have it somewhere inside, a knowingness of who we are and where we’re going. The mind constantly cycles around and around.  What’s true for the mind today is questioned tomorrow, so how can we trust something that can be questioned daily?

The emotions are constantly shifting as well. What you feel confident about today can easily shift to lack of confidence tomorrow, so how can you trust something you know is constantly changing? The deepest truth of who we are is neither in the mind nor in the emotions. That’s why it can be so frustrating, because we keep looking in the wrong places.

From our point of view, the deepest truth of who we are resides in our Sovereign energy. The Sovereign part of us is the part that never changes. Our True North.We have had plenty of mind education (Magician) and we all live on a roller coaster of emotion (Lover), but most of us have not had any education in our own Sovereignty.

“You will not believe the rush you will experience when your real voice breaks through. 
Edwin Coppard is a master at bringing out the natural voice in anyone” 
Anthony Robbins

We have found that for most people, their Sovereign energy is sleeping.  
In this 4-day course you will learn how to find and listen to your Sovereign.  You will find out how your Sovereign is doing for real. You will learn how to awaken, balance and empower your own Sovereign. 
How does that happen so easily -in 4 days- after all your years of search and frustration? In this 4-day workshop you will discover that below the surface of the conscious mind is another world, an Archetypal world that has been waiting for you all your life.
You will find the gems of your inner life become easily available to you through this profoundly transformational work of the Living Archetypes. 
In this 4-day workshop you will also discover the energies of your Warrior, your Magician, and your Lover as well. The Living Archetypes hold the Keys to your personal Kingdom.
You will come out of the 4-day workshop a Master, at any time able to listen to the deeper truth within yourself. And thus make better decisions to help you stay on course. And have a quiet feeling of confidence, a knowingness that you are on track in your life.
Have you considered sharing your stories of your personal journey through life? Ever considered Singing them? We offer something that is guaranteed to help you do just that! 


  • Imagine finding your stories, your music thats hidden inside yourself.
  • Imagine reaching inside and writing a song straight from your soul.
  • Imagine finding the strong, powerful, beautiful natural voice you were born with.


We literally have 1000’s of testimonials just like these

I’ve come from a place of having spent the last four or five years doing a lot of self-development work, and I’ve seen some of the best speakers and some of the best facilitators in the world. I have to say that this work that I’m doing here is, no question, the deepest, most profound, and the most transformational. In such a short space of time, and I feel it’s so sustainable as well. That’s the beauty of it, that it is sustainable, this work – in the healing, in the processes that happen here. All I can say is that what the process does fundamentally is connect us back to who we truly are – and the way in which it does that is through the voice. Through the power of the voice. ~ Jim Ross, USA

This experience took me on a journey through creative passages I had never explored, not believed existed – as well as emotional revelations that now have found their home inside me. Even I do not know the full benefits of these experiences as they unfold in the days and weeks to come. All I can say is that it was the most awesome experience of my life! ~ Marianna Cimino, USA

In all the courses I’ve completed and of all the time spent in my pursuit for these answers, let me tell you the fastest, most significant way to get to that place that’s missing and then realize what needs to be done – whatever that may be- is to complete a week long course with Edwin Coppard! ~ Peter Bond, Australia

I waited a couple of weeks to write a testimonial because I felt that I had experienced shifts that were profound. I wanted to know how alive they were after the initial “high” of the experience passed. I have been attending many personal growth programs for over 26 years. All of them are wonderful, and with most, I have had experiences that are more of a subtle awareness shift. YOUR PROGRAM is different. It lasted! The results have stayed! ~ Susan Audibert, USA

Edwin is the rarest of all business strategists and personal development advisors – he has unique methods that massively increase your performance in all areas of your life both professionally and personally. Edwin is a true master – I should know – he mentors me!” ~ Darren J. Stephens, Australia

I thought I came for a happy, happy, joy, joy songwriting course. What I found was a journey of healing so deeply moving my core shifted. The group of souls allowed me to express myself in ways I thought buried and forgotten. Deep longing and sadness surfaced and changed, making room for waves of songs and peace. ~ Susan Lumb – Canada

“How is God doing? I almost forgot”, the 5-year old asked the baby. In this workshop I started to remember. Like a volcano before the eruption, layers and layers of stuff loosened up around me, and then I uncovered that space in myself I have been searching for such a long time, I really wasn’t sure it still existed. In the old cryptic language of English, this is the most meaningful workshop I have ever done – through sound I found my soul and she is alive and well! ~ Niedra Gabriel, USA

I have had a really awesome experience! I’ve had many changes for the better. These five days have had less to do with my learning how to sing and more to do with finding my inner voice and finding out how to express that. The experiences create so much relaxation in my body that sound and song flow out easily. I’m working on my third song in two days. it is obvious to me that everything I have created could not have been duplicated in any other atmosphere.‘Smiles’ Smith, USA

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for your participation in our Mastery program. You added so much knowledge, value and fun. I’ve heard so many comments on how great the mornings’ sessions were, and how much the group enjoyed learning about their voices, their bodies and singing. The difference between the group’s sound the first morning and the last was incredible! ~ Anthony Robbins, USA

How do you do it? How do you take a group of strangers and within days, even hours, open their eyes and ears to potentials they never knew they had? This has been absolutely amazing and completely cool.Patrick Thrift, Canada

“… the rest of the day you will be in the studio, professionally recording Your song!”

In this 4 day workshop You will have an incredible transformation with your natural voice. And you will gain deep personal insights through the archetype technology;

A Breakthrough is imminent!


  • Experience your True voice, your own sound and resonance, the quickest and most profound vehicle for personal transformation.
  • Use your voice to become a more confident and powerful person.
  • Discover the secrets why your voice is key to your happiness.
  • Hear the sound of your authentic voice, most likely for the first time.
  • Use your sound to create balance, break through stuck patterns and express your deepest emotions.
  • Sing with authentic powerful emotion.
  • Gain profound insights into your Psyche through the Living Archetypes.
  • Write & Create songs from your innermost self.
  • How to be 100% focused (in Flow) while you are singing or speaking.
  • Experience the Wild Voice Workout; this is a workout with sound that will keep you Buzzing all day long.
  • Hear & appreciate music in a totally new way.
  • Receive a professionally recorded and mastered recording of one of your songs, backed up by Edwin on piano.


Day 1. You will learn the Wild Voice Workout and our unique songwriting method, the basis for all your vocal progress. We will share the songs we’ve written & you will get one-on-one coaching from Edwin.

In the afternoon you will learn about the Living Archetypes, the unconscious foundations of your psyche, the basis of your Being, Feeling, Thinking, and Doing. Sovereign is Being, Lover is Feeling, Magician is Thinking and Warrior is Doing.

You will discover your Warriors (Male & Female), the foundation for your ability to take Action. The same afternoon you will find your Magicians, the foundation for your ability to Think. You will create your song from the Warrior and the Magician.

In the evening, you will sing a song and get one-on-one coaching from Edwin.

 Day 2. We will expand the Wild Voice Workout. You will write and share more songs. You will get more individual coaching from Edwin.

In the afternoon, you will continue to learn about the Living Archetypes. First the Lovers, the foundation for your ability to Feel, next is the Sovereign, the essence of your uniqueness – your Being. You will write and share more songs.

The evening, we will sing songs & you will get on-on-one coaching from Edwin.

 Day 3. We will start with the Wild Voice Workout. You will write more songs which we will share.

In the afternoon, you will work personally with Edwin to craft one of your songs into a masterpiece! You will also learn how to work with your Archetypes as a practical tool for decision making.

The evening you will perform your song and have more personal attention from Edwin to bring out your best performance and to deepen the healing that your song is bringing to you.

Day 4. There will be a short workout, the rest of the day you will be in the studio, professionally recording Your song.

How long will you continue to put your dreams on the back burner?

Join us for a Special 4 day “Wake Up & Sing Now” workshop.

If you are not Fully satisfied by the end of Day 1, you can ask for a Full Refund.